Environmental information-rich projects

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), mass balances (MFA), substance flow analysis (SFA), ecological footprints, environmental indicators and other environmental instruments can be labeled as very demanding for data and information.

Information-rich projects: LCA, MFA, SFA, Ecological FootprintsAcquisition, storage and processing of a lot of basic information, assigning and applying weights between the different aspects, the attribution of environmental burden to its originators and explicit assumptions are required to bring this kind of complex projects to a successful conclusion.

For the purpose of transparency of the methodology and its application, we always provide a fully rigged system of metadata that explicitly describes which data sources were chosen and why, what data is used and how, and how assumptions affect the outcomes. In summary, we describe the quality and integrity of the data. This is essential for projects to be implemented in the future in an identical manner.