Environmental Policy Consultants: Overview

We are a management consultancy firm with a focus on the development and improvement of environmental, and sustainability policies.

At the intersection of Environment, Management and Information Systems, we support governments and governmental organizations in developing, implementing and improving their environmental policies, and the associated information management. Our experience with Change Management and Quality Management contributes to a better environmental management.

Working fields

We work with local, regional, and national governments, institutions and agencies, supranational and international governmental organizations such as the European Commission, the UN and the OECD.

We offer services in the field of environmental studies, policy consultancy, (project) management and information management. We aim at state-of-the-art solutions for problems associated with policy changes.

  • We combine experience with pragmatism and tenacity and timeliness,
  • We deliver results that are optimized and achievable within the available time and budget,
  • We specialize in building consensus and letters of intent, which is essential for Change Management.


We work for governments and government organizations, either directly or on behalf of organizations or as a subcontractor for other firms.

Since the founding of our company in 1997, we have worked for:

  • European Commission (DG Eurostat, DG ENV, DG SANCO and DG Research), EEA, JRC
  • National, Provincial, Municipal governments, Environmental inspections
  • International beneficiaries: Environmental Agencies in the Palestinian Territories, Serbia, and Kosovo