Environmental Education and Communication

Environmental problems are actually caused by "undesirable" behavior. This behavior is influenced by economic, social / cultural and political conditions. To influence this behavior in a favorable way, requires an understanding of how individuals and organizations think and do, what their values ​​are, what motivates them and under what circumstances they behave the most reasonable and creative.

The solution may lie anywhere between a "one-to-one" approach and a mass media strategy. Youths will better respond to computer animations and games, while the method of disposal of waste in Muslim villages could best be controlled through education via voluntary women's groups. Customization is always preferred over standard procedures.


  • Environmental Lifestyle Test
    • Developing computational and weighting scheme
    • Published in Consumer Guide (Methodology and Presentation were granted the Teyler Environment Award for professionals)
    • Computer Edition for youths on youth fair
  • Environmental education in Palestine
    • Educating female volunteer groups
  • Production of accessible environmental indicators and production and dissemination of associated reports
  • Integrate collaboration and public relations at the start of foreign environmental agencies
  • Public contests for the design of institute logos for foreign environmental agencies